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Los Angeles, California Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Hello! My name is Roger Ignacio and I'm a portrait and event photographer serving both Los Angeles and Ventura County.

I specialize in natural light photography where I use the nature as my background, and use a small flash in unconventional locations. My style is classic and timeless, and I pose shots as little as possible - relying instead on capturing the natural, organic moments as they come.

I try to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for you and your love ones, weather posed or candid, my goal is to capture your precious moments and turn it into memories.

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Testimonials From Happy Customers

My other hobby other than tennis and percussion is photography.

I've always been the one that's missing in a lot of family pictures, pictorial and gatherings. I'm not comfortable having someone take a memorable moment but myself.

This is not the case with Roger. He offered to cover my wedding. I said yes, but was not 100% confident because I've never seen his work.

Before the wedding day, Roger offered to do an engagement pictorial. That was like an audition. I saw the artist in him.

The end result assured me he's the one that I'll trust in capturing the moment. He is better than me that's for sure.

Louie Ansaldo
Los Angeles, California

Definitely puts his heart into each shot and really dedicates himself.

Roger is truly a talented and amazing artist.  

It was a fun and exciting experience to have an engagement/wedding photo shoot!  

He captured our Biggest day so perfectly!  

My husband and I had a blast and we couldn't be happier with all the photos.

Danielle Benitez
Los Angeles, California

LOVE LOVE LOVE Roger Ignacio Photography!

Roger is truly an artist that captures the most out of every shot he takes.

We have been working with him for the past 3 years and his work only gets better and better.

Thank you Rog for your talent and creativity! The proof is in the pictures!

-Brigette Bush
Los Angeles, California

We have to start by saying it was an honor to have been blessed by an amazing photographer. There are no words to explain how professional and dedicated he is to his clients and those he is photographing.

His vision, his skills truly are a gift, blessed be our God! Our photographs turned out better than we imagined and were beyond happy at the final results.

We created holiday cards from our photographs and they beautifully show our kids’ true self. They show what we, their parents, see every day. Your vision of what you wanted to photograph our kids and where, were perfect! You took what we wanted and turned into a beautiful memory!

Jorge and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for loving what you do. Your work shows it!

We look forward to booking you this year again, we want to continue to create memories of our kids as they grow.

May God continue to bless you, your family, and your work.

Much love,
The Garcia’s.

Roger is phenomenal! My wife and I have had two photoshoots in which Roger flawlessly delivered such a level of ease, experience and expertise.

Not only does he translate his vision of the shoot into the moment, he brings the moment to life! This guy knows what he is doing.

Roger's friendly, understanding and professional personality makes everything that much easier when getting your photo captured. We recently had a newborn son in which Roger did our child's photoshoot.

It was at our house in the morning at 11am, Roger knocks on the door and greeted us warmly. Roger then left his equipment to return to his car, and to me and my wife's delight and surprise, HE brought US donuts for breakfast! Nailed it! And on top of that we had such a fun shoot!

You will be glad that you booked Mr. Roger Ignacio for your next photoshoot.

Thank you Roger for all of your hard work, patience, support and talents!

- Sammy Sayso @therealsayso

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